Sambucus canadensis, Elderberry
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Sambucus canadensis, Elderberry

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Sambucus canadensis,


  •   A shrub that produces fragrant white flowers.
  •   This shrub can bloom from May to July, and produces berries anywhere from August to September.
  •   Elderberry can grow to a height of 12 foot.
  •   Usually the Elderberry is seen along stream banks or areas that are well drained but moister.
  •   When planting this shrub a spacing of 6 to 8 foot should be used.
  •   This plant has many uses to both humans and wildlife.
  •   The berries are used for jellies and jams as well as wines.
  •   The berries can be dried and stored for future use.
  •   The flowers can be fried and eaten.
  •   The flowers can be used to make teas.
  •   There are medicinal uses for this plant as well.
  •   Many song birds use this shrubs berries as a food source.
  •   Bees are a pollinator that frequently use the elderberry.
  •   Indians used this plant for many things including arrow shafts.
  •   Commercial uses for growing berries are becoming increasingly available. Learn More.
  •    Find out more about this shrub from the  USDA plant data base.
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