Glandularia canadensis, Rose verbena
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Glandularia canadensis, Rose Verbena

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Product Description

Glandularia Canadensis

Rose Verbena

  • Clusters of small flowers to form the bloom ranging from pink to purple and sometimes in light lavender. This plant can bloom from March up until November.
  • With a height of 6 to 12 inches.
  • This plant likes average to dry soil and is commonly seen on glades.
  • Grows in full sun.
  • When planting space 12- 24 inches.
  • Can be used for landscaping, great for borders and edges.
  • The flowers are fragrant.
  • Great for Humming birds.
  • A source for nectar for butterflies and other pollinators.
  • Seed should be lightly covered with soil and should have 4 to 6 weeks of cold moist stratification.
  • Easily cultivated from cuttings.