Willow Leaf Sunflower
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Helianthus salicifolius, Willow Leaved Sunflower

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Product Description

Helianthus salicifolius

Willow-leaved Sunflower


  • Several yellow flowers branching singly on stems.
  • This sunflower blooms July and August.
  • The height of this plant can reach to 72 inches.
  • This sunflower prefers dry to average soil moisture.
  • It blooms best in the full sun.
  • When planting space 18 to 24 inches.
  • Willow-leaved sunflower does well as a cut flower.
  • Is useful to Native bees.
  • Birds eat the seed.
  • A nectar source for the butterfly.
  • This plant can be used to make tea.